Review of Lazuli Reference by AudioSolace

The Lazuli Reference represents all things great from an aftermarket cable. Build quality, durability, aesthetics, and sound are all top-notch, and the 30-day returns is just icing on the cake… Part of the hallmark of any audio equipment is the ability to lose oneself in the music and forget critically analyzing it. The Lazuli Reference achieves this where just one more track becomes much more.

Audio Bacon on the Lazuli Ultra

The differences between the Reference and Ultra are modest, and all things considered, the Reference is definitely the best bang for the buck in this lineup. But when the Ultra sings, to my ears, it’s with the truth of the recorded sound, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly.

Review of the Sapphire Mk.2 Speaker Cable on Audio Bacon

“The goal of the Danacable is to ‘get out of the way’ and to cause no audible effects.”

Dana Robbins, the audiophile magician, showed us how to perform this disappearing act in our own listening rooms. After weeks of listening, we gravitated towards the Danacable Sapphire Mk.2 for most of our listening. We’ve grown accustomed to the sweet and cozy sound of the Kimber but the openness, clarity, and airy sound of the Danacable was too much to pass up. Combined with incredible resolution and timbre, it just made recordings sound more lifelike and enjoyable.