Review of the Lazuli Cable for Abyss on Audio Bacon

So how does it compare to the stock Abyss cable? It doesn’t. To say it’s an upgrade to the stock cable doesn’t do it justice. The Danacable preserves the dynamic integrity of the Abyss while fixing all the other problems. It’s has great synergy with this headphone. The Danacable is a great pairing with the brighter sounding Abyss AB-1266. It produced the best female vocals I’ve heard on this headphone thus far. You could get a sense of emotion and feel the dips and peaks of the singers. It elicits an emotive response. One word to describe the entire headphone cable would be “humanistic.” If you’re critically listening to this cable, you’ll be relaxed by the minute nuances that you didn’t realize were there. Whether it be the stroke of a bow or the slam of kick drum. The best part is how it all pieces together. The coherent sound makes for a very relaxed, accurate, and soothing presentation yet still maintaining its fullness. If you have an Abyss headphone and you’re looking for a lush and sweet sound, especially for vocals, look no further than the Danacable.