Test Results from RMAF 2013

We are famous for our shoot outs and direct comparisons, that’s why we found this room so fascinating. Dana cable was doing a direct A/B comparison between their cable and another “Unnamed” cable which they said was in a similar price range. So we listened. And sure enough there was a huge difference between the two cables. And guess what. The Dana cable was clearly superior. Night and day.


At RMAF 2013 in Denver, we conducted a speaker cable test, the first of its kind. The test consisted of two parts: A visual test and a audible test. For the visual test, Dana Robbins of Danacable™ demonstrated how speaker cables affect the amplifier’s damping factor and speaker cone movement.

Then for the audible test, we invited showgoers to visit our demo in Room 557 where we pitted the Danacable™ Diamond speaker cables against another competitive sets of speaker cables. The difference between the low resistance value of 2.5 milliohms of the Danacable™ versus the 28 milliohms of the other cables can be readily heard as we switched between them in real time using a pair of 200-amp knife switches shown here on the second half of the video.

We asked showgoers to fill out a questionnaire after taking the test. Of the 113 respondents, 106 (94%) said they heard a significant and consistent difference between the two cables. Of these 106 test subjects, 90 (85%) said they preferred Danacable™. The following are the results and some of the comments:

Summary of DanaCable Listening Test at RMAF 2013
October 11-13, 2013
Denver, Colorado
Total # of Respondents: 113
Picked DanaCable: 90 (80%)
Picked other cable: 16 (14%)
Not Sure: 7 (6%)

Comments in favor of DanaCable: Difference not so subtle, can tell right away; surprised to hear the difference; first time I heard a difference with cables; outstanding product at great price.

  • Highs: More open upper mids & highs, reduced harshness, more definition
  • Mids: Clearer voice, micro-detail, cleaner presentation, more presence
  • Bass: Tighter sound, more definition, better bass control, depth, less boomy
  • Sound: More transparent, dynamic, detail, more organic, fuller, coherent, more natural, mellower, more realistic, more musical, open, warmer, less edgy, less sibilant, holds together, more alive, more listenable, better quality, less irritation on horns, not as dark, more body, more air around instruments, crisper, more transient, life-like, satisfying
  • Soundstage: Improved, spacious, encompasses whole room, more depth, taller image, more balanced, 3-D, larger

Comments in favor of other cable: more dynamic, clearer, more soundstage, more float, warmer, more transparent, bigger, more realistic, deeper soundstage, more musical, harder hitting, more live, more open.

Not Sure: 7