Show Reports 2012-2016

Since its introduction in 2012, Danacable has proved to be a versatile product line that consistently brings the best performance out of any high-end audio system. Paired with a wide selection of products at several shows, Danacable repeatedly garnered accolades for its contribution to the excellent sound in the room.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

Danacable again teamed up with Audiophile-Direct and Wells Audio to rave reviews by Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile and Home Theater Shack. We also conducted an A/B demo comparing stock cables for headphones and Danacable Lazulis. This demo marked the world premiere of the DanaTone™ Head-Space headphones amplifier and the Lazuli Reference cable, both of which garnered kudos from Steven Rochlin and Dave Hanson of Enjoy the Music.

Capital Audiofest 2016

As captured by AV Showrooms, we conducted an A/B cable demo that compared stock cables for headphones vs. Danacable Lazulis.

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

A summary of Enjoy The Music’s High-End Audio Best Value award to Aurum Cantus, Wells Audio, and Danacables concluded: “My listening notes say the music sounded very smooth and all day listenable. It is the type of sound you can sit back, relax and bask within the lovingly transparent highs and soothing deep bass as the midrange washes over your soul. Deeee-lish! And considering the very reasonable price of the powerful Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier, excellent quality Melody M-102SE three-way floorstanding tower speakers and superb Dana Cables… this is a great combo!”


Of Danacable’s Lazulis for the HifiMan HE-560 headphone, Brian Moura of Positive Feedback wrote: “Another entry in the upgraded headphone cable field is DanaCable with their new Lazuli cables for Abyss, Audeze, Dharma, HiFi Man and Sennheiser headphones. This is a new addition to the company’s successful line of interconnects, speaker cable and AC Power cable. Dana Robbins from DanaCable was demonstrating a new headphone amp he is developing with an interesting twist. He had two HiFi Man HE-560 headphones connected to the prototype headphone amp and a music source. One had the stock HE-560 cables while the other had a pair of the DanaCable Lazuli for HE-560 cables ($650) attached. You could do an A/B test on the spot by switching between the two while listening to the same track. I gave the test a try and was able to hear a clear improvement with the Lazuli equipped HE-560. DanaCable was also demonstrating a Lazuli replacement cable usable for the HiFi Man HE-1000 and HiFi Man Edition X headphones ($650 – $850). I bought one of these Lazuli cables and have been testing it on my home office system with a pair of Edition X headphones. The Lazuli cable definitely improves the sound of the Edition X headphones and takes them to another level. If you have the Edition X headphones, you will want a pair of the Lazuli cables.”

A member of the AudioCircle forum also reported on the A/B test: g. “Dana cables had a stock cable vs. their own cable A/B test and the difference was enormous. It was kind of going up one price level in headphones by just swapping the cable.”

Head-Fi Forum 2016

A forum member gave the following assessment of Danacable’s Lazulis for the Sennheiser HD800 headphone: “It’s expensive, but the change is not subtle. Much more bass, much smoother treble, much more forward and musical mids. The sound is incredibly full and much easier on the ears, even compared to the good cables. Sounds the most like a real, live performance. I feel like detail with the Lazuli starts to push into SR-009 territory. It almost makes the HD800 a different (and superior) headphone, IMO. It’s the real deal for sure. Not certain why I still find the DHC cable a bit more emotionally expressive. In many ways I like them equally.”

Capital Audiofest 2015

Scott Hull of Part-Time Audiophile gave the Best in Show vote to the room with Salk speakers, Wells amp, Lampizator DAC, and Danacables, with the following review: “Natural, nuanced and engaging – maybe the best sound I’ve heard from a Salk; here paired with Lampizator, DanaCable, and Wells Audio. This was one of my favorite rooms at CAF this year, and another contender for Best in Show.”

Danacable also got kudos from Woodsyi of Audio Circle: “It really was just exquisite. … Kudos to Exoticas, Wells amp, Lampizator, Dana wires and Gingko stands that got me there.” From Kemper Holt of Enjoy The Music: “A beautiful room in every way, sonics, scenery, and people!” And from Jonathon Janusz of Audio Circle: “Best bass at the show, period, winning over the OB servos by way of absolutely seamless integration. The speakers are pulled out into the room about a third of the way – nice, deep, soundstage. I am really enjoying the sound from these with the mated electronics – I can tell why they wanted to put this pairing together again for another show … early on out of the gate on Friday, this room sets the bar.”

Jonathon Janusz added: “Although I’m sure there would be a room somewhere at RMAF to find a home for Salk speakers, the magic in what can be heard in these show rooms is the result of an entire system. Without all of the pieces – including the labor of getting things set up just ‘so’ – one can quickly end up with something less than the very best, and that would be a disservice to all involved trying their very best to make sure that very best is what is shown for all to enjoy.”

T.H.E Show Newport 2015

The room with Danacables, Salk speakers, Wells Audio amp, and Lampizator DAC again got an Audio Oasis Award from David Robinson of Positive Feedback: “… a wonderfully transparent, dynamic, and detailed audio presentation, one that was a pleasant interlude for me.”

From Mal Kenney of Part-Time Audiophile: “This was nothing less than the best show performance I’ve heard from any of the players in the room. I have a feeling that it’s only going to get better from here.” And from Steve Rochlin of Enjoy The Music: “… great imaging, smooth sound, very relaxed and natural music reproduction. The Salk Sound, Well Audio, Ginko Audio and Danacables room was a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the music during T.H.E. Show Newport 2015.”


David Robinson of Positive Feedback gave an Audio Oasis Award to the room with Danacable, Wells Audio, Gingko Audio, and Lampizator: “Clear and transparent presentation of the music; superior detail; great dynamics; and a full-range feel in a small room.”

Mal Kenney of The Audio Traveler noted: “This was, to my taste, a brilliantly matched and implemented system.”

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

Paired with a VPI analog front end, DSA electronics, Wells Audio amp, and TAD speakers, Danacable got a Best of Show vote from Robert Entenmann of HifiDesign: “What I was about to hear completely blew my mind! Webster’s tenor literally entered the room this time; it was as though he was right in front of me. The tonality of the instrument was palpably different and real, real to the extent that what type of reed Webster was using might be discernable to the trained ear. Now when the symbols were struck, you could tell if the drumstick had a nylon or wooden tip. The overall presentation was sexier, more engaging, and live feeling. Furthermore, imaging took on a whole new meaning as instrument placement and separation was as distinguishable as if one was able to see the musicians in conjunction with listening, which is obviously impossible considering “The Brute” passed in 1973.”

Jason-Victor Serinus of Stereophile agreed: “The lovely, warm midrange of Ben Webster’s tenor sax set apart a room … that included … Danacable cabling.”

And Scott Hull of Part-Time Audiophile commented: “A popular room, here, and rightfully so.”

New York Audio Show 2014

Danacable returned to the NYC Show with the same lineup of Wells, Gingko, and Lampizator. Reaction from John Atkinson of Stereophile: “… this system offered superb definition on double bass and kick drum.” And from Rick Becker of Enjoy The Music: “The Rimsky Korsakov “Dance of the Tumblers” was especially vivid and dynamic and this $46,000 rig was one of the Best Rooms at the Show!”

California Audio Show 2014

The Danacables were paired once more with the Wells Audio Innamorata Signature amp and Chapman speakers. The sound at the California Audio Show evoked this reaction from Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile: “Snatching my prize for best sound on the third floor … Whoever expected … such impeccably detailed, superbly controlled full-range sound in such a small room?” And the following reaction from Mal Kenney of Part-Time Audiophile: “The sound is … so much more liquid, so much more natural, so much more detailed — that the differences were noticeable at the doorway.” And from Steve Rochlin of Enjoy The Music: “This room, Wells Audio, had incredible sound and imaging … For cable duties they were all hooked up with the delightful Dana Cables and tweaks by Bybee Technologies and Ginko.”

Capital Audiofest 2014

The same line up of Danacable, Wells, Lampizator, and Gingko Audio again got rave reviews, this time from Scott Hull of Part-Time Audiophile: “This is a delightful combo of gear. Yep. Love to spend more time with all this stuff.”

Herb Reichert of Stereophile added: “The DanaCable speaker cables were notable in that they were eight strands each of woven #4AWG copper. At $6500/pair I could have bought them and sold them as scrap metal and made a profit! In fact, my overall impression in this room was that everything seemed under-priced for the quality of sound and materials. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that feeling.”

Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia agreed: “A beautiful, refined sound from one of my favourite loudspeaker topologies — powered woofer (not subwoofer) with monitor atop.”

T.H.E Show Newport 2014

We introduced our digital cables, the coaxial PureStream and the USB TruStream. Paired with the usual lineup of Wells Audio and Gingko Audio products, and for the first time with the Lampizator DAC, the Danacables showcased their prowess. Steve Leftkowicz of Positive Feedback wrote: “The sound in this room had that wonderful and rare combination that could music lovers swoon and audiophiles stop obsessing. When the music started nothing else mattered.”

Abernadi of Audio Circle pronounced: “This was one of my favorite rooms.”

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2013

Dana Robbins demonstrated the efficacy of his speaker cables in a video by AVShowrooms, how “Danacable speaker cables are like having no cables at all.”

We also had a demo in our room, switching in real-time between Danacables and another pair of “un-named” speaker cables. James Darby of Stereo Mojowrote: “We are famous for our shoot outs and direct comparisons, that’s why we found this room so fascinating. Dana cable was doing a direct A/B comparison between their cable and another “Unnamed” cable which they said was in a similar price range. So we listened. And sure enough there was a huge difference between the two cables. And guess what. The Dana cable was clearly superior. Night and day.”

We asked show-goers to fill out a questionnaire after hearing the comparison. Of the 113 respondents, 106 (94%) said they heard a significant and consistent difference between the two cables. Of these 106 test subjects, 90 (85%) said they preferred Danacable.

California Audio Show 2013

At the 2013 California Audio Show, again paired with the Wells Audio Innamorata amp and the Gingko Audio ClaraVu 7 Mk.2 speakers, the Danacables continued to garner rave reviews. Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney of Part-Time Audiophile wrote: “The system here easily achieved the propulsiveness I associate with this track, leading to some foot-tapping and head-bobbing from others in the room, and the performance was admirable.”

T.H.E Show Newport 2013

At Newport, the Danacables were paired up with the Wells Audio Innamorata and again showed their versatility, this time through Chapman speakers. John Atkinson of Stereophile wrote: “… the sound in this room, wired with Dana cables, was indeed seductive.”

New York Audio Show 2013

At the 2013 NYC show, Danacable introduced its full line of cables and drew attention from Clement Perry of Stereo Times, who went on to publish the first review of the Danacable Sapphire models: “Ginko Audio, a NJ-based manufacturer, showed off their newest creation in the DanaCable Sapphire Reference series of cables at the show. Our own Greg Simmons has just reviewed them and found them to be among the best he’s heard and that says a lot considering their not nearly as expensive as they might appear (around $3k for an 8-foot run of speaker cables).”


In 2013, Danacable added the Diamond Reference interconnects to its lineup. Paired with Daedalus speakers and Purity Audio electronics at AXPONA 2013, the Danacables proved that they could show off any system in its best light. Joe Alexander of Home Theater Shack exclaimed: “The low end was tight and clean without being boomy. Dynamic range of vocal tracks was handled really well. Clarity and detail were good.”

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

Danacable made its auspicious debut at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in 2012 in the Gingko Audio Room, along with the Gingko Audio ClaraVu 7 Mk.2 speakers, Wells Audio Innamorata amplifier, and Music Culture digital front end.

Doug Schroeder of Dagogo wrote: “… one of the most engaging, smaller systems at the show, the Ginko Audio room. Using modestly priced gear, Ginko proved dramatically that its ClaraVu 7 Modular Speaker System ($3,995) with matching subwoofer ($1,500) are terrific values with impressive sound quality. Along with the Ginko speakers were the Music Culture MC501A CD/USB Combo Player ($3,995), Wells Audio Innamorata Amplifier ($6k), and a combination of Vovox and DanaCable products as cabling… the inherent goodness of their sound won me over. I have encountered some fundamentally high performance to cost companies at all price points; Ginko, Wells Audio and Music Culture should be on the radar of anyone wanting smaller form factor speakers with high performance sensibility.”