A high-performance USB cable constructed with Danacable’s proprietary Distributed Damping technology. Available in graphite sheathing. Prices listed are for 1-meter and 1.5-meter lengths. For custom lengths, contact us at


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1 meter, 1.5 meter

Product Reviews

Experiencing the DanaCable USB has debunked my original untutored idea that a USB cable could have little or no effect on the listening experience… the experience of computer audio with the LampizatOr/DanaCable USB combination has reached parity – and sometimes superiority – compared to my analog system.

It makes music in any genre sound relaxed, harmonically full and rich, and effortlessly musical. For anyone who wants to hear the best from computer audio, this cable is at the least a must-audition. Mine is here for the long haul.

The reason why I stuck with the TruStream is due to its wonderfully balanced, accurate, and natural tone and timbre. […] It’s not the most transparent or detailed sounding cable, but it has this euphoric and organic quality I haven’t heard from any other USB cable. I also believe it sounds closest to what the engineers and artists intended for their music to sound like.