Lazuli Ultra HF-SE for HifiMan HE1000SE and Other Headphones with 3.5mm Ear Cup Connectors


Reference-quality cables for HifiMan SE models and other headphones with 3.5mm ear cup connectors. Available in silver sheathing, with choices of 4-pin XLR connector (by Eidolic) or 1/4″ plug (by Furutech). Prices listed are for 2-meter lengths; for custom lengths, contact us at Also contact us about Furutech 4-pin XLR or dual 3-pin XLR connectors as a custom option.



The Lazuli Ultra HF features a mix of silver and copper wires for a perfectly balanced, reference-level sound, with high-quality connectors by Eidolic and Furutech.

Additional information


1/4 inch, 4-pin XLR


2 meters

Product Reviews

Deep, rich bass and midbass sound with great air and ambience retrieval (if it’s in the recording), smooth extended highs, soundstage among the best I’ve heard, very flexible, very low in microphonics, appears and feels solidly put together and terminated, I did not find weight to be an issue in my use.

The differences between the Reference and Ultra are modest, and all things considered, the Reference is definitely the best bang for the buck in this lineup. But when the Ultra sings, to my ears, it’s with the truth of the recorded sound, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly.