Lazuli Reference Plus SP for Mr Speaker Headphones


Reference-quality cable for Mr Speaker headphones with added silver for more top-end treble extension. Comes standard with Furutech 1/4″ plug or 4-pin XLR connectors; Furutech carbon fiber double 3-pin XLR is an upgrade option. Prices listed are for 2-meter and 3-meter lengths; for custom lengths, contact us at



The Lazuli Reference Plus adds silver wires for more treble extension while retaining the famed musicality in the mid-range of the Lazuli Reference. It is especially well-matched with more laid-back headphones.

The Reference Plus comes with Furutech connectors (1/4″ plug and 4-pin XLR are standard options, double 3-pin XLR is an upgrade).

Additional information


1/4 inch, 4-pin XLR, double 3-pin XLR


2 meters, 3 meters

Product Reviews

Dana Robbins’ new Lazuli Reference Plus is a terrific cable that will get the most out of your headphone listening experience. Spending up to $6000 on reference headphones deserves the best components you can afford to get the best-performance you deserve. After all, you want to hear everything the product is capable of producing.