Lazuli Nirvana HF-SE for HifiMan HE1000SE and Other Headphones with 3.5mm Ear Cup Connectors


Top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art cables for HifiMan SE models and other headphones with 3.5mm ear cup connectors. Available in three options for sheathing (mixed brown/silver, all silver, or all brown) and three options for Furutech connectors (1/4″ plug, 4-pin XLR connector, or dual 3-pin XLR connector). The “plush” flex option gives the cable a softer, more flexible feel, while retaining the same sound signature. Prices listed are for 2-meter and 3-meter lengths; for custom lengths, contact us at



The Lazuli Nirvana HF-SE is a hybrid design that builds on our experience with the Lazuli Ultra. The Nirvana consists of 33% more copper than the Ultra and a full 100% more than the Reference, with the optimal complement of silver to achieve the lowest possible measurements of resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

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1/4 inch, 4-pin XLR, double 3-pin XLR


2 meters, 3 meters


brown-sheathing, silver-and-brown-sheathing, silver-sheathing


plush, standard

Product Reviews

The Lazuli Nirvana provides a deep-rooted sense of musical immersion and envelopment. From a technical view, these qualities reminded me of an upgrade in amplification – more depth, better separation, more grip, and appreciable harmonic structure.

(the Nirvana) gives a more 3D like impression to instruments and vocalists with a good recording, almost a sculpted effect, especially with smaller sized chamber and Jazz music.

(The Lazuli Nirvana) deliver(s) what you are seeking; that last measure of transparency, air, and clarity that we all chase, but seldom find.