Lazuli EN for Enigma Dharma Headphones

Upgraded cable for Enigma Dharma headphones. Available in brown sheathing, with choices of XLR or 1/4″ connectors. Prices listed are for 2-meter and 3-meter lengths; for custom lengths, contact us at

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1/4 inch, 4-pin XLR, double 3-pin XLR




2 meters, 3 meters

Product Reviews

So, what happens with the [Dana]cables at hand? They both clear up the sound and allow the above improvements, but the lead and harmony vocals are more easily distinguishable on the Dana, two separate vocalists with chest cavities and separate space. Bass has body and notes easily identified. Using the stock cable the vocals are more difficult to separate. Those guitar arpeggios are clear and delicate with the Dana, more buried with the stock. That haze/grunge makes the stock less appealing in a general way as well. The drums have more skin, the cymbals less an undifferentiated “whoosh” with the Dana. The drummer actually has a pretty nice touch on different parts of different cymbals, something it takes really good gear to hear, as it does to “hear” the bass.

Make no mistake about it, the Danacable Lazuli and Lazuli Reference represent some of the best of the best when it comes to cables, offering top-notch musicality and performance that is up to snuff with even more expensive cables like the excellent Kimber Kable Axios.

Perhaps even better is that they offer consistent and predictable positive sonic changes, so they can be prescriptively added to a system to give a greater sense of fullness and ease to the midrange, more robust bass, and smoother treble. For those looking to enhance any or all of those areas in their system, the Danacable Lazuli or Lazuli Reference will make a fantastic addition.

Both the Dragon and Lazuli are nicely balanced, detailed and sound clean compared to the other cables in my inventory. Both cables go low with good impact but I think the Lazuli has a bit more weight through the midbass / upper bass that seems to give a beefier presentation with a touch more sense of air being moved. Hair splitting differences here but I like the weight Lazuli gives to the sound.

I find the midrange on both to very close to ideal in terms of tonal reproduction. Width and depth are comparable with the Lazuli a hair ahead, not too forward, not too recessed, and very stable. A touch more detail retrieval with Lazuli also. Again, not night and day, small differences but meaningful enough to me.

The highs are where I hear the biggest differences. The Dragon is quick, crisp, and maybe a touch aggressive or over etched (very slight and certainly less than the DHLabs) by comparison with Lazuli. From day 1 with the Lazuli I kept saying to myself, where did the highs go? As the days went by it didn’t really change a lot in character to my ears. But I came to my own conclusion over seven days that nothing was missing so much as something was not being added. The Dragons are dryer and tighter, and sound slightly brighter to my ears. The Lazuli by contrast however are not wet or loose or dull. The best words I can come up with for the Lazuli is sweet and relaxed on top, and it handles dynamics with a great sense of ease providing better inner detailing and clarity for my ears.