DanaTone’s Head-Space Amplifier

With a first-of-its-kind circuitry design featuring Automatic Damping Factor (ADF), DanaTone’s Head-Space produces a sound that combines the best attributes of tube and solid-state amplifiers – the tight, well-controlled bass that we expect from solid-state amps, the seductive midrange and sweet top end that tube amps are known for.

The Head-Space can cover all your headphone needs: It is powerful enough to drive challenging loads like the HifiMan Susvara. With selectable attenuators, it also allows safe driving of efficient headphones like the Focal Utopia. Speaker-driving capability is available as an option. Each Head-Space unit is hand-crafted to match the customer’s selections for this add-on and other customizable features.

The base MSRP for the Head-Space is US$ 8995. Contact us at gingko@gingkoaudio.com for more information.

All discrete transistor design
Fully regulated separate power supplies
Proprietary selective feedback technology
Unique output topology

Discrete all transistor design, Class AB push-pull (first 50mW pure class A)
Non-transferable warranty: Repair parts and labor covered for one full year from purchase date.
Attenuators “out”: 34V peak-peak each channel; e.g., 60Ω (Susvara) 2.5W
Attenuators “in”: 7V peak-peak each channel; e.g., 80Ω (Utopia) 75mW
Signal inputs: line level, unbalanced RCA jacks L/R
Signal outputs: front panel ¼” TRS and 4-pin XLR jacks. Speaker outputs are optional.
AC power input: 120/240VAC, 50/60 Hz , 60W
Rear panel output attenuators: 15dB L/R
Size: 9.5″ W x 5.0″ H x 10.0″ D
Weight: 12 lbs.

Head-Space Reviews

“The new Head-Space Amp from Danacable/Danatone is another masterful craftsmanship that you would expect nothing less from Dana. It is an amp that is incredibly powerful (enough to power speakers or headphones via an easy setting switch). It delivers the beauty, warmth, smoothness, and of course musicality of a top tier tube amp, while bringing something else that is a bit indescribable. It’s a convergence of incredible detail and warmth feels like the music absorbs you. You can go as loud as you like and can handle, and it handles it with a breeze. The volume knob is sensitive and feels good (possibly some may want a rubberized grip on it for that extra fine adjustment). But it is satisfying and enjoyable with immediate gratification, the music you want and how much of it you want. It delivers! The noise floor is ZERO, beautiful silence when not in use. This is not always the case with amps and definitely important as that hiss and noise leakage is distracting.” — H. L., July 2020

“The first thing I noticed was the volume of the sound. And I don’t mean loudness here. It’s more like the sound fills up the entire space. I started listening mainly with vocals and a few acoustic instruments (guitars, percussions) and all instruments and especially vocals sounded as if they had a strong presence and weight. I could feel the powerful amps behind ever-ready to generate power as needed. Definitely what I would call a warm sound. Between all the different sound ranges, I think the mid-range was what was the most prominent and memorable (with the first 1 hour listen), and what comes to my mind when I am thinking of the amp.” — H. M., August 2020

“Holographic, space filling sound. I use it with three headphones: Focal Utopia, Focal Stellia and Hifiman Susvara. I also have the Focal Arche amp. The Arche is pretty good with the Utopia, but the Head Space brings even more dimension and fullness. Imaging is more precise and the soundstage opens up. There’s also a warmth to this amp which makes the sound very non-fatiguing, which is especially nice for the Utopia which leans towards a bright tone. In terms of the Susvara, it’s a match made in heaven and I highly recommend this combination. It has more than enough power to drive the Susvara beautifully with no problems. I’ve listened to the Susvara for hours straight on this amp while working with no fatigue.” — A. M., April 2021

“After assembling a fine headphone system (Power Plant 12, English Electric switch, Lumin U1, MScaler, DAVE, Susvara, Nirvana HP cables, all powered/connected with top-shelf cables), the Head Space took my listening experience to the next level. With the Head Space, the MScaler/Dave clarity and timing are fully preserved but presented with undeniably superior tonal balance, lush but disciplined warmth and fullness, refined oomph, bigger soundstage, silent air, and otherwise an alchemy of a certain je ne sais quoi. What’s more – Dana tuned the amp to my preferences. Great recordings became stunning; poor and marginal recordings became enjoyable. Finally, Vinh and Dana are authentic gentlemen who generously share their knowledge and passion for the art, science, and joy of audiophilia.” — S.M., April 2021

“The Head-Space is something I think I’ve been waiting for since the early 70’s when I was in my mid 20’s and into kit-built amps, pre-amps, and tuners. . . . This Head-Space to my ears has some tube-like character to its sound for a solid state HP amp. Is it the same sound as the many all tube amps I own currently or have owned over the years? No! But is it a compelling listening experience and different from my experience with other solid state amps over the years? Yes! . . . The Head-Space sound, set up as it is, strikes me as existing somewhere in between tube and transistor sound with some of the hallmark qualities of both. It does this better than I’ve heard before in similar attempts and with the hybrids I own and at the same time is not lacking in any area of the listening experience. But it’s up to each listener to make this determination for them self.” — F.T., June 2021

“EXCEPTIONAL!” – Frank Iacone, Headphone.guru, November 2021 (read Frank Iacone’s full review)