Enjoy The Music’s Blue Note Award 2014

Enjoy the Music Blue Note Award 2014 for Onyx Interconnect

Danacable’s Onyx interconnects receives the 2014 Enjoy The Music Blue Note Award:

"This thoughtfully designed patch cord is an excellent five Blue Note value. I awarded Dana’s Onyx cords four Enjoy the Music.com Blue Notes across the board! The Onyx IC also did extremely well against far more expensive and exotic competitors. As the Blue Note numbers in my “Silver Shoot-Out” article show, audible and measurable differences for patch cords are always slight. Yet this is a deliciously competent performer at a very competitive price, with little or no serious short-comings, I am more than impressed with the products I have reviewed so far from Mr. Vu and his Gingko Audio. The Onyx ICs were impressive, enjoyable and listenable. For Value category, I would still choose the DACT Dual for golden delicacy and detail, but if that price is not in your range, the DanaCable Onyx interconnecting RCA patch cord by Gingko Audio at half the price is an excellent five Blue Note value."

   – A. Colin Flood

See the full review here.

PFO Writers’ Choice Award 2013

Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award 2013 for Sapphire Reference speaker cable

The Danacable™ Sapphire Reference speaker cable wins the Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award of 2013:

The DanaCable Sapphire Reference Speaker Cables are the finest audio product I’ve have the pleasure to review this year. I was smitten with them immediately, and if truth be told, the more I listen the more I like… I believe they will compete very favorably with the best speaker cables out there.