About Us

Danacable™ is Dana Robbins, Vinh Vu, and Norm Ginsburg.

Dana Robbins, the brain and brawn behind DanaCable, is a degreed electrical engineer with a passion for music (and motorcycle racing). Dana spent over 25 years in high-tech industries where he worked on everything from automotive to aerospace electronics. During those years, he spent his spare time tuning his motorcycles and working on his #1 passion, audio playback systems. His first college system consisted of a Kenwood receiver and EPI speakers. He could not leave it alone and it underwent countless teardowns and modifications. He wanted to recreate the sense of “being there” with the musical artists, with the ultimate goal nothing short of perfection. His current bi-amped 845 tube/solid state system, with rare French Orthophase ribbon speakers, is the culmination of years of honing his craft.

Dana Robbins
Dana Robbins sets his 2nd Land Speed record @ the Bonneville Salt Flats

With retirement, Dana has finally found time to put all his experience into the Danacable™ products offered here. He has a refreshing “back to basics” approach when it comes to design. To him, the human ear is the most sensitive instrument we have in audio. When it sounds better, it is better. He fondly remembers the first time he heard what became his mantra: “If it measures good but sounds bad, you are measuring the wrong thing. If it sounds good but measures bad you are still measuring the wrong thing”.

The reviews of his products speak for themselves, his passion for music comes through: You can’t stop listening!

Vinh Vu spent 23 years at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies working on switching systems, fiber optics, intelligent networks, and video systems, among other products. Retired in 2001, he founded Gingko Audio and started making audio accessories such as acrylic dust covers, patented Cloud vibration control products, and ClaraVu™ speaker systems. In 2005, he met Dana at CES through a mutual friend. They continued their audio friendship while Dana served as President of the Phoenix Audio Club and Vinh served a Program Chair of the New Jersey Audio Society.

In 2011, having moved to Colorado after retirement, Dana met Vinh again at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest where he brought the first Danacable to show to Vinh. They started their collaboration in product development and marketing and Danacable made its debut at the 2012 RMAF. Subsequent real-time demos were developed showing how Danacables compare with other cables, how their ultra-low resistance speaker cables enable the amplifier to control speaker drivers, and most recently, how Danacable upgraded headphones cables performed in a head-to-head shootout with stock cables.

Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsburg of Gingko Audio
Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsburg of Gingko Audio

Norm Ginsburg, Gingko Audio’s Marketing Director, has been involved in audio for more years than he cares to remember. After years of tinkering with home-brew electronics as a teenager, he built his first high-end system, a Dynakit amp, pre-amp and tuner, in the 60’s. A graduate electrical engineer, he earned additional masters degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Southern California while pursuing a career in the Army as a communications officer. Following military service, he worked for AT&T and Lucent Technologies in marketing and product management. Upon his retirement from Lucent Technologies, he and Vinh began exploring general ways to improve audio system sound quality.