Introducing the Lazuli™ Voilà

Handcrafted in the USA using copper and silver wires in a variety of sheathing options, Danacable’s Lazuli™ cables have long been known among headphone lovers as the go-to cables for many popular headphone models.

But just like speakers, Top-of-the-line (TOTL) headphones are designed with a certain sound signature that makes them especially suited to certain genres of music. Danacable’s new line of custom Lazuli™ cables is designed and voiced to bring the most out of each TOTL headphone while retaining its sound signature.

The first custom headphone cable under the Lazuli™ line, the Lazuli™ Voilà, is designed and voiced for the Hifiman Susvara, arguably the best planar headphone in the market. The Susvara is known for its naturalness, acoustically-accurate timbre, and high resolution. The Lazuli™ Voila cable brings out the Susvara’s punchy dynamics and treble extension, making it shine with any music genre, from classical to pop to electronica and hard rock.

The combination of the Susvara headphone and the Lazuli™ Voilà cable, driven by a powerful amplifier such as the DanaTone™ Head Space™, a reference-level DAC, and quality interconnect cables is the last headphone setup one needs to own.

Besides the Lazuli™ Voilà cable, look for future models in this new line of Lazuli™ cables designed for other TOTL headphones. At $4995 MSRP, these custom Lazuli™ cables may not fit everyone’s budget. But the impact of a “voiced” Lazuli™ cable on a TOTL headphone setup is undeniably clear – when only the best will do!

The Lazuli™ Voilà headphone cable was showcased at the NYC CanJam in March, with an introductory price of $4495. This introductory price will be effective until May 30, 2024.

Ready Gary Alan Barker’s review of the Lazuli™ Voilà in the March 2024 issue of

“….definitely raises the bar for the HIFIMAN SUSVARA, from what you would expect from a $6,000 headphone to what you expect from a price-is-no-object headphone, competing favorably with the best in electrostatic headphones.”

“As advertised, the Lazuli Voilà opens up the SUSVARA for use with any genre of music without compromising the performance with the genres it was designed for, moving the SUSVARA from the category of a great headphone to that of a spectacular headphone.”