Danacable Introduces Lazuli Rhapsody Headphone Cables

Based on input from our headphone aficionados, Danacable is introducing the Lazuli Rhapsody, a new line of headphone cables.

The Lazuli Rhapsody has the same wire complement as the Lazuli Ultra but uses a braided design with improved sonic performance and more flexibility (the Lazuli Ultra model is discontinued). The Rhapsody comes standard with Furutech connects, has two cloth-based sheathing options (all silver or all brown), and is available in 2-meter or 3-meter lengths.

Headphone.guru Gary Alan Barker gave the new Lazuli Rhapsody a “Two Thumbs Up” in a new review (Headphone.guru, September 2023): “The Danacable Lazuli Rhapsody Headphone Cable did everything a cable is supposed to do, improved clarity, dynamic range, and musicality without making a noticeable impact on timbre and tonal balance, in other words, it does not add its own sound to the mix.”

From now through the end of September, you can get a 15% discount on 2-meter Lazuli Rhapsody standard cables (US$ 1954 instead of US$ 2299).