The Danacable Lazuli Story: Which Lazuli Is Right for You?

Danacable introduced Lazuli cables for headphones at the SoCal CanJam in 2016. Our first Lazuli featured more than 600 individual strands of OFC copper Litz wires and was a hit at the show. After a direct A/B comparison between the Lazuli and the stock cable for the HifiMan HE-1000 headphones, show-goers universally agreed that the Lazuli represented a significant upgrade from the stock cable. Rave reviews soon followed from Jack Skowron of Headphone Guru , from Jay Luong of Audio Bacon, and from FLTWS on Head-Fi.

Capitalizing on that successful introduction, in October 2016, Dana Robbins came out with a Lazuli Reference cable that doubled the number of OFC copper wires to >1200 strands and created a buzz on the Head-Fi Forums. Danacable’s reputation as a leading after-market for hi-end headphones was reinforced by reviews by Dave Hanson of Enjoy The Music, by Gary Alan Barker and Peter Pialis of Headphone Guru. In March 2017, Jay Luong of Audio Bacon picked the Lazuli Reference as the best cable for Focal’s ever popular Utopia, establishing it as the go-to cable for the Utopia.

Not resting on his laurels, Dana came out with the Lazuli Ultra in early 2018 with even more OFC copper wires and a touch of silver for a more extended top end. It was featured in reviews by One Old Audiophile on Audio Bacon and FLTWS on Head-Fi.

In October 2018, at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest, Dana unveiled the top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art Lazuli Nirvana to universal praises by everyone who heard it. The Lazuli Nirvana is a hybrid design that builds on our experience with the Lazuli Ultra. It consists of 33% more copper than the Ultra and a full 100% more than the Reference, with the optimal complement of silver to achieve the lowest possible measurements of resistance, inductance, and capacitance. By adding more conductors we reduce the resistance and inductance, but the intra-capacitance within the signal and inter-capacitance between the L/R signals increase, which in turn affect the treble performance and limit the left to right separation.

With the weave design, the intra/inter signal capacitance is reduced by a factor of 40 to 1! With more copper and silver, the Nirvana has about 2.5% of the capacitance of the Lazuli Ultra and Lazuli Reference. As a result, the listener will hear the following effects:

  1. The highs are absolutely open and extended.
  2. The macro- and micro-details are there like never before.
  3. The soundstage is wider and deeper with even more focus.
  4. The bass response is deeper with even more control.
  5. The headphones will completely disappear, leaving the listener totally immersed in the music!

Reviews by Jay Luong of Audio Bacon and Eric Neff of Headphone Guru followed, further cementing Danacable as the ultimate after-market headphone cable of choice!

In 2021, we introduced two new headphones models:  The UltraLite for portable applications and the Lazuli Reference Plus, slotted in prices between the popular Lazuli Reference and the Lazuli Ultra.  Both the UltraLite and the Reference Plus have a combination of copper and silver wires that produces the best top-end extension while retaining the Danacable “house sound”.

As of January 2022, we have discontinued the original Lazuli category.  The UltraLite is now the entry-level Lazuli model.  We have started a new category for the Lazuli RAAL, designed specifically for RAAL headphones.

So which Lazuli cable is right for your headphones? The Lazuli UltraLite, starting at $799, is a good place to start to see if you like the “Lazuli” sound. The most popular model and a sweet spot in our product line is the Lazuli Reference, which starts at $999 for a 2-meter length. Most of our customers are quite happy with it for a long time. For more “laid-back” headphones like the Audeze LCD headphones, the silver in the Lazuli Reference Plus will add sparkles to the top frequencies.  If you want an even more extended top end, the Lazuli Ultra is the right choice. But if you only want the best performance from your hi-end headphones, the Lazuli Nirvana will put you in audio heaven.

Most importantly, to ensure that there is only one kind of Danacable customers – delighted ones – all Danacable products carry a 30-day money back guarantee (if you return the product within the 30-day period, you pay shipping both ways and the PayPal transaction fee on the refund).