Danacable Introduces the Lazuli RAAL cable

Back from a race at the Bonneville Salt Flats where he broke his own world record for a motorcycle with a side car, Dana Robbins has designed a Lazuli cable specifically for the RAAL SR1a Requisite headphones.

This new Lazuli cable has a unique all-copper construction that consists of 640 individual strands of two different gauges of OFC (oxygen free copper) Litz wires. It has a very low impedance, a must for good damping with a low-impedance driver like the RAAL.

With its minimal weight and super flexibility the Lazuli RAAL provides a non-intrusive wearing experience with unmatched sound quality.

For a limited time from September 15 to September 30, 2021, we offer US$ 150.00 off the retail price.