Danacable Lazuli Nirvana Introduced to Rave Reviews!

The Lazuli Nirvana provides a deep-rooted sense of musical immersion and envelopment. From a technical view, these qualities reminded me of an upgrade in amplification – more depth, better separation, more grip, and appreciable harmonic structure.


(The Lazuli Nirvana) deliver(s) what you are seeking; that last measure of transparency, air, and clarity that we all chase, but seldom find.


(the Nirvana) gives a more 3D like impression to instruments and vocalists with a good recording, almost a sculpted effect, especially with smaller sized chamber and Jazz music.


…at a lower level, their presence is complete, strong and precise and has a superb rendering. The mediums are thus highlighted and taken over, the voices become even more distinct and do not take second place. The treble is there and spins higher, sharper and finer, without any tension. Complete presence in fact of all tones and timbres. Obvious feeling of right balance and placement of stakeholders in space. And, by closing my eyes, I can imagine their spatial location…