Our Philosophy: The design, material, and construction of the Danacable™ result in very low R, C, and L measurements compared to other cables. But the proof is in the listening. We can demonstrate how well a Danacable™ performs in listening tests using a near-real-time switchable Danacable™ Cable Comparator. In manufacturing the Danacable™, we source the best parts from all over the world to achieve the intended performance objectives. Every Danacable™ is proudly handcrafted in Colorado, USA, from larger-gauge OFC wires, using unique weaving techniques, and terminated with high-quality connectors.

Lead Time: Since Danacables™ are handcrafted, our normal lead time is 3-4 weeks depending on our shop schedule and shipping time. Due to a planned factory relocation from Colorado to New Mexico, our lead time for the next two months will be as follows:

Order Placement Date Lead Time
Order placed on or before March 1 1-2 weeks
Order placed March 1 through May 1, 2022 4-6 weeks

Payment Method: Please note that our online checkout uses Paypal at the payment method.  If you prefer to use a credit card for your order instead of PayPal, contact us at with the order details. We will call you for the credit card information to complete the transaction.

Refund Policy: The products with standard lengths and connectors that are specified on our product pages come with our 30-day money back guarantee. If you return the product within the 30-day period, you pay shipping both ways and any transaction processing fee on the refund. Cables of non-standard lengths and connectors are made on order and, therefore, non-cancellable.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on international shipping, we have suspended online orders for addresses outside of the US. Contact us at for an estimate of delivery time and shipping cost.