Gingko Audio/Danacable at AXPONA 2018

Gingko Audio and Danacables at AXPONA 2018

On April 13-15, Gingko Audio and Danacable will be at AXPONA, in Room 1524, at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. We are partnering with Triode Labs of Japan, Denafrips DAC of China, and Wells Audio of California. We will showcase the world premiere of the full line of Denafrips R2R DACs in a real-time simultaneous comparison of the Denafrips DACs, every hour on the hour. Come and see this unique unveiling of one of the best DACs in the world at down-to-earth price levels.


Danacable Unveils Lazuli Ultra Headphone Cable

Lazuli Ultra at CanJam NYC

On January 30, 2018, Danacable officially introduces its first silver/copper hybrid headphone cable, the Lazuli Ultra, which retails at $1999 for a 2-meter length.

The Lazuli Ultra’s world premiere will be at CanJam NYC on Feb. 17-18, 2018 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. Danacable will share the Royale private room with ModWright, Gingko Audio, and Wells Audio. We will pair the Lazuli Ultra with the Hifiman Susvara and the Abyss Phi headphones and ModWright and Well Audio amplifiers. CanJam NYC will also see the world premiere of the Wells Audio Head Trip Reference Monoblocks headphone amplifier.

Come listen to one of the best headphones system in the world! reviews of Lazuli and Lazuli Reference

Lazuli Reference HF cable for HifiMan HE-1000 headphones

Over the years, Danacable’s Lazuli and Lazuli Reference has continued to receive high marks from

[Danacables] offer an increased current capacity while maintaining linearity and a slightly improved phase coherency, which translates into tighter bass control, greater detail and improved dynamic range, without adding brightness or harshness. If you are trying to get optimal performance from your headphone system, then it would be hard to go wrong with the Dana Cables Lazuli headphone cable, but if you are in that rarified air of world class headphones, then you owe it to yourself (and your headphones) to give the Dana Cables Lazuli Reference a try.

And unlike my previous experiences with cable upgrades, the Lazuli Reference Cables offered immediate sonic returns that I would definitely classify as profound and incredibly satisfying.

2017 Snapshots


Gingko Audio and Danacable partnered with Salk Sound, Wells Audio, and Exogal DAC, to rave reviews by the audio press. Here are a few samples:

  • From Jason Victor Serinus at Stereophile: “… the sound was so good that nothing, not even music so frequently aired that it has become an audiophile cliché, could steal the joy.”
  • From Dave Hansen at Enjoy the Music: “And for 1/7 of the price of the monster Mark Levinson and Revel Ultima system mentioned above, I think I would likely be just as happy with this budget-priced synergistic gem at the end of the day.”
  • From Mr. Eric Neff at Hi-Fi+: “Sound was precise and full.”
  • From Clement Perry of Stereo Times: “…fabulous resolution and exquisite three-dimensionality that was evident through a variety of musical genre.”

Gingko at LA Audio Show 2017

Gingko Demos at LA Audio Show 2017

Gingko Audio and Danacable will be in Room 416 at the LA Audio Show with Aurum Cantus speakers and Wells Audio’s Majestic amplifier. We also will be in the HeadGear Room with the now famous Danacable and Gingko ARCH demos.

Introducing the DanaTone Head-Space

New DanaTone Head-Space logo

At the RMAF 2016, we showed the prototype model of the new DanaTone Head-Space headphones amplifier to rave reviews. Dave Hanson of Enjoy The Music writes: “Arguably one of the most impressive products to debut at CanJam at RMAF was the yet-to-be-released DanaTone Head-Space amplifier (price TBD). Developed by Dana Robbins, who is best known for his fantastic lineup of cables, the Head-Space uses a proprietary selective current feedback technology to deliver tight and impactful bass, euphonic mids and well-controlled treble. The soundscape was quite spacious, with very precise variations in imaging depth, width and height. Through the HIFIMAN HE1000, the Head-Space exuded lush musicality without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy.”

On the Lazuli Reference cable, he adds: “I’ve done extensive testing with this cable (review forthcoming) and it offers the most beautiful, natural midrange and the absolute best bass of any cable I have ever tested. Combined with the Head-Space amplifier and the HIFIMAN HE-1000, the sound left very little to be desired.”

We will again be showing this setup at AXPONA in Chicago on April 21-23. Please be sure to stop by the Ear Gear Room to listen if you plan to attend AXPONA 2016 Accessory of the Year: Danacable Lazuli Reference 2016 Accessory of the Year: Danacable Lazuli Reference

Danacable’s Lazuli Reference headphone cable receives a 2016 Product of the Year award from

"It has long been the mantra of high-end audio that cables are as much an audio component as any other part of your system, and this also applies to headphone cables. More so than any other component, it is the job of the headphone cable to get out of the way and do nothing to the sound, letting the music through and Dana Cables Lazuli Reference Headphone Cables do an exemplary job of this, allowing all the resolution, dynamics and silence to pass through without slowing, congesting, compressing or adding tonal changes to the signal. More so than any other headphone, a reference headphone deserves a reference cable which is why we have made Dana Cables Lazuli Reference Headphone Cables our Accessory of the Year."

   – Gary Alan Barker

2016 Snapshots

From T.H.E. Show Newport

PureStream coax digital cable in graphite sheathing
PureStream coax digital cable in graphite sheathing

A summary of Enjoy The Music’s High-End Audio Best Value award to Aurum Cantus, Wells Audio, and Danacables concluded: “My listening notes say the music sounded very smooth and all day listenable. It is the type of sound you can sit back, relax and bask within the lovingly transparent highs and soothing deep bass as the midrange washes over your soul. Deeee-lish! And considering the very reasonable price of the powerful Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier, excellent quality Melody M-102SE three-way floorstanding tower speakers and superb Dana Cables… this is a great combo!”


Lazuli HF cable for HifiMan headphones
Lazuli HF cable for HifiMan headphones

Of Danacable’s Lazulis for the HifiMan HE-560 headphone, Brian Moura of Positive Feedback wrote: “Another entry in the upgraded headphone cable field is DanaCable with their new Lazuli cables for Abyss, Audeze, Dharma, HiFi Man and Sennheiser headphones. This is a new addition to the company’s successful line of interconnects, speaker cable and AC Power cable. Dana Robbins from DanaCable was demonstrating a new headphone amp he is developing with an interesting twist. He had two HiFi Man HE-560 headphones connected to the prototype headphone amp and a music source. One had the stock HE-560 cables while the other had a pair of the DanaCable Lazuli for HE-560 cables ($650) attached. You could do an A/B test on the spot by switching between the two while listening to the same track. I gave the test a try and was able to hear a clear improvement with the Lazuli equipped HE-560. DanaCable was also demonstrating a Lazuli replacement cable usable for the HiFi Man HE-1000 and HiFi Man Edition X headphones ($650 – $850). I bought one of these Lazuli cables and have been testing it on my home office system with a pair of Edition X headphones. The Lazuli cable definitely improves the sound of the Edition X headphones and takes them to another level. If you have the Edition X headphones, you will want a pair of the Lazuli cables.”

A member of the AudioCircle forum also reported on the A/B test: g. “Dana cables had a stock cable vs. their own cable A/B test and the difference was enormous. It was kind of going up one price level in headphones by just swapping the cable.”

From Head-Fi Forum

A forum member gave the following assessment of Danacable’s Lazulis for the Sennheiser HD800 headphone: “It’s expensive, but the change is not subtle. Much more bass, much smoother treble, much more forward and musical mids. The sound is incredibly full and much easier on the ears, even compared to the good cables. Sounds the most like a real, live performance. I feel like detail with the Lazuli starts to push into SR-009 territory. It almost makes the HD800 a different (and superior) headphone, IMO. It’s the real deal for sure. Not certain why I still find the DHC cable a bit more emotionally expressive. In many ways I like them equally.”

Accolades Galore in 2015 and 2014

In the last 12 months, we have garnered many accolades, including several Best of Shows votes as well as Audio Oasis Awards:

Enjoy The Music’s Blue Note Award 2014

Enjoy the Music Blue Note Award 2014 for Onyx Interconnect

Danacable’s Onyx interconnects receives the 2014 Enjoy The Music Blue Note Award:

"This thoughtfully designed patch cord is an excellent five Blue Note value. I awarded Dana’s Onyx cords four Enjoy the Blue Notes across the board! The Onyx IC also did extremely well against far more expensive and exotic competitors. As the Blue Note numbers in my “Silver Shoot-Out” article show, audible and measurable differences for patch cords are always slight. Yet this is a deliciously competent performer at a very competitive price, with little or no serious short-comings, I am more than impressed with the products I have reviewed so far from Mr. Vu and his Gingko Audio. The Onyx ICs were impressive, enjoyable and listenable. For Value category, I would still choose the DACT Dual for golden delicacy and detail, but if that price is not in your range, the DanaCable Onyx interconnecting RCA patch cord by Gingko Audio at half the price is an excellent five Blue Note value."

   – A. Colin Flood

See the full review here.