Headphone.guru reviews of Lazuli and Lazuli Reference

Lazuli Reference HF cable for HifiMan HE-1000 headphones

Over the years, Danacable’s Lazuli and Lazuli Reference has continued to receive high marks from Headphone.guru:

[Danacables] offer an increased current capacity while maintaining linearity and a slightly improved phase coherency, which translates into tighter bass control, greater detail and improved dynamic range, without adding brightness or harshness. If you are trying to get optimal performance from your headphone system, then it would be hard to go wrong with the Dana Cables Lazuli headphone cable, but if you are in that rarified air of world class headphones, then you owe it to yourself (and your headphones) to give the Dana Cables Lazuli Reference a try.

And unlike my previous experiences with cable upgrades, the Lazuli Reference Cables offered immediate sonic returns that I would definitely classify as profound and incredibly satisfying.